We are now accepting nominations for the Parish Pastoral Council.  Click for more info.

The Parish Pastoral Council will hold parish-wide elections in May for four openings on the Council. If you are interested in being considered as a nominee for the Council, please fill out the Council Interest Form, (link below). Please return the form by e-mail to parishcouncil@stchrisindy.org by April 16th.. If you have questions about serving on the Council, please contact any of the current Council members or email us at parishcouncil@stchrisindy.org.


Margaret Bauer:              mebauer@iupui.edu
David Ciechanowicz:      david.ciechanowicz@rcre.com
Mike Clouse:                   mvclouse@att.net
Jim Csenar:                     jecsenar@hotmail.com
Tom Edwards:                 tom@tkeholdings.com
Jim McMechan:               james.mcmechan@anthem.com
Vicki Murphy:                  vicki@vickivoice.com
Mary Ann O’Neal:           maoneal34@sbcgloval.net
Anne Thompson:            amt6826@yahoo.com
Pat Tutsie:                       ptutsie@att.net
Betsy Weddle:                 weddlebetsy@comcast.net