Adjusted Mass Schedule

When St. Christopher Parish returns to Mass June 6/7, we will go down to the 5-Mass schedule that the Mass Schedule Committee developed based on the responses from the in-pew survey data completed earlier this year in January.  The Parish Council approved the adjusted schedule last month.  The adjusted schedule will combine the 7 am and 8:30 am Masses into a single Mass at 8:00 am; all other Mass times will remain.  One major reason is that the entire church must be cleaned between each service. The cleaning job between 10:30 am and Noon masses will also be on a tight schedule, and it will be better for the cleaning crew not to have two such narrow windows for cleaning between services.

As a reminder, the dispensation from the obligation to participate at Mass on Sundays is extended throughout the State of Indiana until 15 August 2020. As well, we will continue to have Mass available online.